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Name Features Location Links
St. Louis Tai Chi & Qigong for Health Violet Li, a 12th Generation Chen Style Tai Chi Inheritor, is the principle instructor. It teaches various Tai Chi styles and forms as well as Qigong forms. St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 314-669-4341
Chicago Tai Chi It teaches a process through which individuals can take greater control over their health and wellness. Tai Chi and Qigong are modalities in that process. Chicago, Illinois, USA
Carlton Hills Tao Taiji Qigong Join the Qi-Field, at Carlton Hill's Tao Taiji Qigong and experience Simple Techniques with Maximum Benefits. Learn.and practice Qigong -Tai Chi . Mumbai, India, 09892431215
Neigong School of Taijiquan (Oriental Health Academy) The school is part of the Oriental Health Academy which is dedicated to the study and research of the Internal Arts. We provide courses in Yang and Chen style Taijiquan at all levels through instructor courses. We also teach two styles of Qigong together with workshops on various aspects of the Internal Arts. More information can be found on our website. Milan, Italy, +39 (348) 3214160
Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi Since opening in 2000, the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi has offered award winning programs of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong for adults, children and families. Jing Ying means "Best of the Best" and we will help you be your best! Arnold, Marilyn, USA 410-431-5200
Vanderbilt Kung Fu Club The club is taught by Joe Rea Phillips, a 20th Generation Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Walu and other self defense systems. Nashville, Tennessee, USA 615-414-0546
Harvard Tai Chi & Qigong Groups we are a Harvard affiliated collaborative of masters, students, researchers in health & medicine, individuals, schools and groups dedicated to the preservation the teachings of classical Shaolin martial arts and promotion of the arts through research and clinical studies of qigong. Its major goal is to develop a university certification for tai chi qigong instructors to teach the healing arts of qi clinical to children in hospital settings. Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, 617-823-3753
Dragon's Breath Wellness Multiple Tai Chi and Qigong styles for wellness as well as Ortho/Sport Massage and bodywork and Reiki treatments. Ft. Worth, Texas, USA, 817-903-8342
TAICHITIME Teaching Tai Chi & QiGong Classes in Dublin. Classes are taught by Georgina Wright and are friendly and open to all. Dublin, Ireland
Peace River Taichi Qigong The school as such is more like a community based elder group that has been learning and practicing taiji and qi gong for over 10 years together. New persons are brought into the group and helped by the older students as well I and my wife the other instructor. Port Charlotte, Florida, USA, 407-923-8310
Wudang White Horse Academ Offers classes, intensives and immersion programs in the Daoist Arts of Wudang Mountain, including content such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Kung Fu, Weapons, Daoist Scripture, Sitting Meditation, Daoist Medicine, Daoist Philosophy and Principles. Head Instructor, Lindsey Wei, is a Chun Yang 24th Generation practitioner, teaching the lineage of Renunciant Priest Li Song Feng of the Five Immortals Temple. Sebastopol, CA 95472, USA, 707-787-8797,
Okinawa Kenpo Mushin Ryu Main focus is Tai Chi, Qigong, and others. Biloxi, Mississippi, USA, 228-229-0132

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