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The “Light of Tai Chi” series workshops by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei are designed to meet the ever-growing needs of higher level Tai Chi learning. The 2017 “Light of Tai Chi” Summer Camp will be held in Toronto, Canada from June 17 to June 21, 2017. Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei will lead his top teaching team and bring the most authentic and profound family arts to all Tai Chi enthusiasts.

The “Light of Tai Chi” workshop is the highest level training program offered by Grandmaster Chen. It has been highly successful in China for decades. To save people in the West a long journey to China, it embarked in the U.S. a few years ago. The 2016 summer camp in Seattle was a hit. More than 90 Tai Chi instructors and enthusiasts took part in the event. It is expected that more people will attend this year’s event. The 2017 summer camp will have Grandmaster’s advanced disciples serving as assistant coaches. It will expand its curriculum and cover the following topics:

  • Chen Tai Chi Old Frame (Lao Jia) Routine One (Yi Lu), a marque Chen Style Tai Chi form.
  • Chen Tai Chi Old Frame (Lao Jia) Routine Two 
(Er Lu) or Canon Fist, a more rigorous form with high intensity movements.
  • Chen Tai Chi Push-hands Five Methods: Coiling, Fixed Step Push Hands, Step Forward and Back Push Hands, Da Lu (Step Forward and Back with crouching steps), and Hau Jia Bu (Moving steps with a flower pattern).
  • Chen Tai Chi Push-hands Combative Applications for advanced students
  • Chen Tai Chi Spring & Autumn Halberd: this is a long-weapon with a knife on one end and a spear at the other end.
  • Chen Tai Chi Theories

The organizer of this year’s event is also hosting a Tai Chi Tournament as part of the “Light of Tai Chi” event. The tournament will be held at “The Dragon Boat Festival”, a famous Chinese culture event in Toronto with 5,000 competitors for the Dragon Boat race and attracting 100,000 spectators daily. The “Light of Tai Chi” tournament will be set up at the heart of the Dragon Boat Festival on Toronto Centre Island. The competition will include events of all levels from novice to advanced both in solo and group. It will also have divisions of other Tai Chi styles outside of the Chen style. For more info, visit
or contact: Master Jack Yan (

(Edited by Doc Luecke.)

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