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Calendar of Important Tai Chi & Qigong Events

This site provides free services to the global Tai Chi and Qigong community. It will have information about Tai Chi and Qigong workshops, tournaments, seminars, lectures, symposiums, and performances around the world. Use the form below to send in your event info to be posted for free. All postings will be deleted if the event month is over. 

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2017 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament Now in it’s 29th year, the annual US Kuo Shu Federation tournament is one of the largest Chinese martial arts tournaments in the US. Over 280 youth and adult events, including traditional forms, modern wushu, kenpo, wing chun, sparring, taijiquan, baguazhang, xingyiquan, and pushing hands, Masters’ demonstrations and a Hall of Fame banquet. Don’t miss the signature “Lei Tai” Chinese-style full contact fighting event. Competition runs all day Saturday and Sunday. July 28-30, 2017 Hunt Valley, MD, USA http://usksf.org/kuo-shu-championship-tournament-2/ Sifu Ken Saunders at info@usksf.org
5 Day Authentic Daoist Rejuvenation Retreat Rejuvenate body, mind and spirit in a 5 Day Authentic Daoist Rejuvenation Retreat with Lindsey Wei, 24th generation lineage carrier of the Chun Yang Sect of Wudang Daoism, charged by the Abbot of the Five Immortals Temple to share this path, ease pain and suffering, and help those in need recover from illness. You will gain a working knowledge of Daoist philosophical principles, practice qigong, meditation, and body exercises, participate in ceremony and prayer, as well as receive individually-tailored healing therapies and unlimited access to the Jackson Wellsprings spa. Aug. 9-13, 2017 Ashland, OR, USA http://old.phalamritam.com/ashland-oregon-first-retreat.html daoistretreat@gmx.com
The Immortal Sisters Conference- Returning to Tao A gathering of Taoist women practitioners. Presentations will include Taoist alchemical meditations, Chi Kung, healing practices, sexuality practices, panel discussions, activism, entertainment, etc. Aug. 25-30, 2017 Phoenicia, New York, USA http://immortalsistersconference.com/
Symposium for Integrative Health Tai chi Retreat Informative yet fun-filled Symposium for Integrative Health Tai chi Retreat with health seminars, research presentations, martial arts workshops, spiritual retreat activities. Fabulous renowned workshop leaders Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. Spiritual activities mornings and evenings. Scrumptious formal banquet on Saturday evening followed by spectacular film festival showing of Tai Chi in Cancer Care. Meet fellow practitioners from all over. Sep. 8-10, 2017 Maris Stella Retreat Center, Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island, NJ http://syihtq.org CJ Rhoads at CJRhoads@TaijiquanEnthusiasts.org
The 4th International Symposium of Qigong You will learn the science behind Qigong and several important Qigong exercises from prominent scientists and Qigong masters. Oct. 28-29, 2017 Rome, Italy http://www.neidao.org/en/terzo_simposio_relatori.html or Marisa Luisa Vocca at marisavocca@yahoo.it

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