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Calendar of Important Tai Chi & Qigong Events

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SWORD CHEN TAIJI QUAN WORKSHOP Beginners, advanced students and instructors are welcome to this unique Workshop. You will learn directly form Professor Florin D. Szondi. He will review and consolidate our prior comprehension and practice of the Chen style Curriculum. The workshop will include DAOYIN TUNA(SILK-REELING) and CHEN TAIJI SWORD(JIAN) ROUTINE. Our teacher, Professor D. Szondi is a disciple of Grand Master Zhu Tiancai, the 19th generation of the Chen Taichi Family while he himself is the 20th generation of the Chen Taichi Family. Oct. 13-14, 2017, Atlanta, George, USA Contact: florinszondi@hotmail.com
The 4th International Symposium of Qigong You will learn the science behind Qigong and several important Qigong exercises from prominent scientists and Qigong masters. Oct. 28-29, 2017 Rome, Italy http://www.neidao.org/en/terzo_simposio_relatori.html or Marisa Luisa Vocca at marisavocca@yahoo.it

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