2016 Archived Articles

2016 Tai Chi & Qigong Articles

These selected articles were originally published on Examiner.com in 2016.

Tai Chi and multimorbidity | Examiner.com

“Ten Zen” brings me calmness | Examiner.com

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Qigong and Equine-imity | Examiner.com

Watch the WTCQD celebrations around the world live and be inspired! | Examiner.com

Barry Strugatz on The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling charmed St. Louis with skills and character | Examiner.com

New Phenomena at 2016 Light of Tai Chi | Examiner.com

The Tai Chi Gala was too short | Examiner.com

How to teach seniors Tai Chi? | Examiner.com

Tai Chi practitioners celebrated World Tai Chi & Qigong Day with enthusiasm | Examiner.com

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Insurance should pay for Tai Chi classes for people with osteoarthritic knees!

Learn healthy longevity at the 3rd annual Universal Consciousness Festival!

Why is the 17th World Congress on Qigong, Tai Chi and TCM amazing?

A big push for cancer treatment at the 17th World Congress on Qigong, Tai Chi, and TCM

How to Kai Kuas?

Attend the 3rd Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Symposium and be inspired!

Alex: an exemplary Pushing for Peace Ambassador

The Visconti (Recording) Studio is opening!

Gurudev Shri Amritji brought teachings to Universal Consciousness Festival

Improve health by massaging acupressure points

Grandmaster Wang Yan generously shared the secret of how to return to youth

7 years, 500 articles, 1 trophy and a huge Thank-you

Metarobics and the Future of Tai Chi for Health

What is Neijin (Inner Strength)?

Master Chen on Taoism

Sifu David Wei on Wudang Five Element Qigong

How to take a group picture of 2000 Tai Chi practitioners?

Get a training plan together now for the Kung Fu Tai Chi championships tournaments in May!

365 Days Together!