2014 Archived Articles

2014 Tai Chi & Qigong Articles

These selected articles were originally published on Examiner.com in 2014.

Dr. Eisen recommends Qigong for seniors and non-athletes | Examiner.com

Recommended: “Taijiquan: Cultivating Inner Strength” by Master Ong | Examiner.com

Should we practice Tai Chi Fajin outdoors during winter? | Examiner.com

Using your smart phone for stress release | Examiner.com Tai Chi lineage | Examiner.com

Tai Chi bring happiness to adults with Down syndrome | Examiner.com

Learn Tai Chi for free through SilverSneakers | Examiner.com

You can be a SilverSneakers Tai Chi instructor too | Examiner.com

Zhineng Qigong can decrease depression for cancer patients and survivors | Examiner.com

Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi Dao | Examiner.com Tai Chi Grandmaster

Ren Guangyi performed at Celebrate Ornette | Examiner.com

Tai Chi reduces chronic pains and more | Examiner.com

Chatting Tai Chi with Sifu Kai Hung Lau | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei’s awesome workshops | Examiner.com 2

2014 International Tai Chi Symposium was a success | Examiner.com

Is Niko Alsup the next generation of Tai Chi Sifu? | Examiner.com

Chen Style Tai Chi body requirements | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Yang Jun on the Tai Chi transformation | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Ma Hai-long on Wu Style Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Know your Duan Wei | Examiner.com

Recommended: Simple Qigong for Health by Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Zhong Zhenshan on “You Yi Qiu Rou, Wu Yi Cheng Gang” | Examiner.com

The third European Qigong Symposium was a success | Examiner.com

Recommended: a complete Tai Chi weapon system | Examiner.com

Qigong for veterans | Examiner.com

Cancer Support Community provides free Qigong classes to patients and caregivers | Examiner.com

%22Hundred Man Tai Chi%22 in the Missouri Botanical Garden this weekend | Examiner.com

St. Louis Tai Chi community premiered “Tai Chi 24” | Examiner.com

Qigong relieves a panic attack faster than any medication | Examiner.com

St. Louis Tai Chi community donated the proceeds of “Tai Chi 24” to CCES | Examiner.com

Meet the oldest non-profit Tai Chi organization! (Photos) | Examiner.com

The 2nd annual Gateway CMA Championship in St. Louis grows | Examiner.com

A winning coach: Sifu Herb Parran | Examiner.com

2014 WTCQD was inspirational, fun and educational! | Examiner.com

YMAA Publication Center is 30 years young! | Examiner.com

Congratulations to Being Tao and Master Woo | Examiner.com