2013 Archived Articles

2013 Tai Chi & Qigong Articles

These selected articles were originally published on Examiner.com in 2013.

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Must watch: Urban Dragons | Examiner.com

A textbook on Chen Style Tai Chi short weapons is out | Examiner.com

A marriage of Tai Chi and music made in water | Examiner.com

Wushu is rejected once again by Olympics | Examiner.com

Tai Chi: a biopsychosocial approach to health | Examiner.com

Tai Chi & Qigong at Simmons Cancer Institute | Examiner.com

Tai Chi versus Thai Boxing | Examiner.com

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Let’s support “Fred Ho’s Last Year: A Feature Documentary” | Examiner.com

An illuminating evening with “Lou Reed” | Examiner.com

The power of the heart from the late Tai Chi Master Lou Reed | Examiner.com