2011 Archived Articles

2011 Tai Chi & Qigong Articles

These selected articles were originally published on Examiner.com in 2011.

Do you feel the warmth at five centers? | Examiner.com

Beast from the East | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei brought Tai Chi to “Forbidden City” | Examiner.com

To fight or not to fight | Examiner.com

Spirit Dragon Institute Online School | Examiner.com

Tai Chi is part of Champions: Knockout Strategies For Health, Wealth and Success | Examiner.com

An enchanting evening with Bill Douglas on Tai Chi and Qigong | Examiner.com

Jet Li just signed a contract to promote Tai Chi worldwide | Examiner.com

Competing in a tournament without traveling | Examiner.com

The unapologetic Tomizaki’s Champions Institute of Kung Fu | Examiner.com

A new Tai Chi application: Catching a fly bare-handed | Examiner.com

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine is now on iPad! | Examiner.com

Clint Wu and Leslie Jaw are the first two Helen Gee Chin Scholarship recipients | Examiner.com

Clint Wu: an outstanding young martial artist | Examiner.com

Leslie Jaw: a future martial art sifu and medical doctor | Examiner.com

Northport VA Medical Center is adopting Tai Chi Easy™ | Examiner.com

Make International Taiji Park in Thunder Bay your next travel destination | Examiner.com

Train the healthcare professionals Chow Qigong: A successful Alaska model | Examiner.com

You can be part of the YMAA Retreat Center | Examiner.com

Want to learn the secret Yang Tai Chi Style? | Examiner.com

Erhu, Jazz and Six Healing Sounds | Examiner.com

IIQTC’s instructor training method | Examiner.com

A non-profit business model | Examiner.com

The winning secret of USA Tai Chi Academy | Examiner.com

Zoe Siytangco: a 13-year-old Grand Champion | Examiner.com

Jet Li is way cool! | Examiner.com

Grand Champion Jose Figueroa on teaching kids Tai Chi | Examiner.com

True-2-Form Sparring is making history | Examiner.com

The 2011 Legends of Kung Fu ended on a high note | Examiner.com

Dr. Oz loves Tai Chi | Examiner.com

The fearless Tai Chi master Chen Ziqiang | Examiner.com

The Science of Tai Chi | Examiner.com Master Jianye Jiang and Chinese Yoga for Longevity | Examiner.com C

hildhood Obesity and Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Tai Chi and weight loss | Examiner.com

An inspiring chat with Arthur Rosenfeld on Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Shifu Justin Meehan remembers Robert W. Smith | Examiner.com

Congratulations Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei | Examiner.com

Shifu Loretta Wollering on Knee Therapy | Examiner.com

Must Try: Tai Chi Ball | Examiner.com

Legendary Record Producer Tony Visconti and Tai Chi Standing Post | Examiner.com

Massachusetts Lawmakers Honor Tai Chi Gala | Examiner.com

Winners of 2011 Tai Chi Enthusiasts Choice Awards | Examiner.com

Standardization of Tai Chi teaching | Examiner.com

Get Qi Magazine for free | Examiner.com

Qigong Massage for Your Child with Autism | Examiner.com

A simple Tai Chi routine eases Arthritis pain | Examiner.com

Sifu Chen Chene Nan on “got qi” | Examiner.com

Winners of 13th World Congress on Qigong & TCM Awards | Examiner.com

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei donated Tai Chi books and DVDs to Pacific Asia Museum | Examiner.com

Chen’s Tai Chi Old Frame One and Two by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei | Examiner.com

Kung Fu Body Conditioning | Examiner.com

Mastery Journal | Examiner.com

The IIQTC Celebrates 10th Anniversary | Examiner.com Master Feng Xiuqian on Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Reading the tea leaf of the closing of Inside Kung-Fu Magazine | Examiner.com I

KF’s Woman of the Year: Master Tiffany Chen | Examiner.com

Welcome Yang Sheng | Examiner.com

Tai Chi and Snow Shoveling | Examiner.com

IKF’s Instructor of the Year: Tai Chi Master Ren Guangyi | Examiner.com

An adorable book: Six Healing Sounds by Lisa Spillane | Examiner.com

Teaching Paraplegics Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Final Weapon will be screened at the Museum of the Moving Image | Examiner.com

A great Yang style Tai Chi textbook by Master Yang, Jwing-Ming | Examiner.com