2010 Archived Articles

2010 Tai Chi & Qigong Articles

These selected articles were originally published on Examiner.com in 2010.

Master Chen Huixian on Taichi Chin Na | Examiner.com

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine is now splashed with colors! | Examiner.com

An overdue Tai Chi Push Hands champion | Examiner.com

A new hope for Parkinson’s Disease patients: Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Tai Chi helps Fibromyalgia patients | Examiner.com

Dr. Matthew Komelski on Tai Chi & Qigong | Examiner.com

A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi | Examiner.com

Goodbye, Dr. Rustum Roy – a friend of Qigong and TCM | Examiner.com

Shifu Wollering on legendary Tai Chi Grandmaster Jou Tsung-Hwa | Examiner.com

Shifu Wollering on legendary Tai Chi Grandmaster Jou Tsung-Hwa — Part 2 | Examiner.com

Managing Stress with Qigong | Examiner.com

Lou Reed: A highly celebrated Tai Chi practitioner and promoter | Examiner.com

Chen’s Taichi For Health & Wellness by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei | Examiner.com

Final Weapon | Examiner.com

Wu Dang Tai Chi Master Chen Shares the Secret of Fa Jing | Examiner.com

The first Qigong Conference in Italy | Examiner.com

A Magical Qigong Moment with Master Zhang Xue Xin | Examiner.com

The Eternal Spring Tai Chi Program at Bryant Park, New York | Examiner.com

A peek into Master Ren Guangyi’s Tai Chi class | Examiner.com

In Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation, You Are What You Practice | Examiner.com

The Test of Tai Chi is in the Fighting | Examiner.com

A Brilliant Idea: A Tai Chi Imagery Workbook | Examiner.com

A Valuable Tai Chi Training Experiment | Examiner.com

A Grand Finale of a Quality eNewsletter: Nov:Dec Issue of Qi Dao | Examiner.com

A Top Ten List of Tai Chi and Qigong in 2010 | Examiner.com

The Secrets of Qigong Masters & its first anniversary | Examiner.com

Let’s celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Forum for Qigong Research | Examiner.com

Shifu Meehan on the Yang Style Taichi and Cheng Man-Ch’ing | Examiner.com

Taichi and Knee Protection | Examiner.com

Unveil the mystery of Medical Chi Gong by Dr. Kevin Chen | Examiner.com

Taichi Ba Fa by Master Chen Huixian | Examiner.com

Master Chen Huixian on Push Hands | Examiner.com

Chinese Medical Qigong is coming out! | Examiner.com

Master Chen Huixian on Chen Zhenglei Taichi 18 Form | Examiner.com Amazing Sarah | Examiner.com

Doctor Chow’s miracle touches | Examiner.com

College Life, Stress, and Taichi | Examiner.com

Learn longevity from Grandmaster Kao Tao | Examiner.com Open Streets 2010 | Examiner.com

Are you practicing Taichi Chuan or Taichi Cao? | Examiner.com

Practicing Taichi at 8,202 feet high | Examiner.com

I got my husband back | Examiner.com

Tai Chi in Your Life | Examiner.com

Taichi improves old adults’ immunity, sleep quality and many other health issues | Examiner.com

Meeting Tuey | Examiner.com

A total Taichi experience with Anna Lum | Examiner.com

We (Taichi:Qigong Examiner) are going National!!! | Examiner.com

Jim’s Motto: Tai Chi fundamentals cannot be practiced too much! | Examiner.com

You are never too old to learn Tai Chi, just ask Ginger. | Examiner.com